Shakin’ It (Royalty Free)

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As all of you continue to feel your way through the current state of affairs, we’ve had many requests for mixes that can be used as background for those instructors who want to post virtual workouts via live stream.

Here’s another one in our royalty-free series that can be used on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms for live streams. Our DJs have created original music that has an EDM edge with a dose of Latin spice thrown in. But it features minimal vocals. This allows instructors to encourage and inspire their virtual classes; just what we need right now! This mix is G-Rated.

1. Shakin It – KJ
2. San Francisco – Alex Niko
3. Moving Forward – DJ Brian Howe
4. One By One – DJ Brian Roche
5. Going Somewhere – DJ Brian Howe
6. Tonight – Anna Perrotta
7. Now MOVE! – DJ Brian Howe
8. Bomba – DJ Brian Howe
9. You’re Still Leaving – DJ Brian Roche
10. Ay Chico – DJ Brian Howe
11. Alpha Dancer – DJ Brian Howe
12. Timba – DJ Brian Howe
13. Pure Logic – DJ Brian Howe

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